An association of concealed carry permit holders.

Self Defense Coverage:

Have you protected yourself for the legal and monetary consequences that may come when you protect your family, others and yourself ?

Platinum Membership
$250,000 Self Defense Coverage

Gold Membership
$100,000 Self Defense Coverage

Silver Membership
Associate Member Benefits
Today more and more Americans are obtaining Concealed Carry Permits, there are an estimated 10 million plus concealed carry permit holders in the United States.

SDA exists because your homeowner’s coverage does not afford you the protection you need in a self-defense situation, the Self Defense Association has developed premier coverage offering up to $250,000 for criminal, civil, and bail bond coverage.

SDA’s members are only concealed carry permit holders, trained, licensed and understand the responsibility of carrying.

SDA promotes continuing training, safety education and provides other benefits for our members. To learn more about SDA’s member benefits please visit the Member Benefits page.