Personal Defense DVD

This personal defense DVD is provided to you as a member of SDA. Host George Wheby works with top notch self-defense trainers to illustrate personal defense techniques needed during a home invasion scenario. Learn from the best from the Tactical Defense Institute, the Firearms Institute of Seattle and more.

Topics covered:

  • Vertical Angles: Learn how to negotiate a building safely
  • Compliance: What to do during and after shots are fired
  • Cover vs. Concealment: What will and will not protect you in a gunfight
  • Gun Retention: How to keep your firearm in your possessions
  • Defending a Knife to Your Throat: Escape techniques in this life threatening situation


Firearms Responsibility in the Home Booklet

Created by the National Shooting Sports Foundation and provided to you when you become an SDA member, this booklet contains important information intended for parents to read and share their children to teach them about the responsibility of bringing and owning a firearm in the home.

Topics include:

  • Common-sense rules for parents and their children to prevent firearm accidents in the home
  • Responsibilities required when a firearm is bought into the home
  • Rules for the safe storage of firearms
  • Safe and secure storage options
  • Safe home checklist
  • Safety tips for firearms handling
  • A message to kids about firearm safety
  • A firearms responsibility contract.